About CyberMatrix

CyberMatrix – Providing Security Solutions for Fast, Effective Incident Response

Established in 2009, CyberMatrix is a cyber security leader providing comprehensive and cutting-edge services to businesses in the United Kingdom. We offer cyber solutions to proactively monitor, detect, analyze and manage cyber security risks in your information systems. We provide businesses with real-time secure monitoring, understanding and decision support to tackle potential threats and vulnerabilities.

CyberMatrix believes that as security threats rise, IT teams are losing visibility, knowledge and control. Key business and technology trends including virtualization, user mobility and IT consumerization are adding exponential layers of complexity to the information systems. Information systems should have tech barriers to avoid cyberattacks from cyber criminals. Businesses need to find and have a new breed of management and security challenges.

For nearly 6 years of integrating seamless security process and countermeasures, we designed a comprehensive cyber security management to help businesses suffering from cyberattacks today. Our CESG certified security services translates complex cyber security indicators into simple measurements, providing essential information for ongoing situational awareness and prevention of security incidents. And, as we perform our way of securing your information systems, we assure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of business processes and information.